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Most students these days find themselves working while in college. A recent study indicated that over 43 percent of all full-time undergraduate students and 81 percent of part-time students had some sort of job while they were in school. For many students, working while pursuing their college degrees may be a necessity. This work may

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Due to various reasons, instability in the world, and increasing tuition payments, many students in the year 2020 decided to take a year off and wait until the situation is clear. The main thing about a gap year – you need to spend it with benefits for your resume, physical and mental health, or your bank account. Here are the best ideas on how to spend a gap year.

When talking about college meals, it’s hard to avoid mentioning the financial factor. We all know that saving money and living on a budget is a priority for the majority of students. So, when it comes to cooking meals in college, they should be easy and pretty cheap. But we have found some meal ideas

If you noticed that your performance dropped a little (or even a lot) after switching to an online format, you are not alone. We all know that changes in our routine make us feel less comfortable and more stressed, so there is no surprise. If you would like to know how you can adjust your

Online learning is now more popular than ever before. And while there are even whole professions you can master online, like copywriting, coding or web-design, this article will tell you about eight uncliched skills that you can learn online in a week or even a day!

So, do you know what time of the day is best for you to do your homework or study for finals? If not, this article will help you find out the most productive time of the day for you!

If you are just starting at your college or university, you might feel a bit stressed about the change in your routine and the number of new faces in your life. It is overwhelming, indeed. However, we have a few tips for you on how to adjust to student life quickly and avoid freshman struggles.

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Whether you’re a college student who is about to graduate or one who is just starting their academic journey, the question on everyone’s mind is: what will I do after college? This question helps direct students to choose certain classes or hone specific skills. This is why it’s essential to find out exactly what kinds

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There are many reasons students decide to leave college before they’ve graduated. Maybe you had extenuating circumstances to deal with, or weren’t able to afford tuition or you realized your school wasn’t a good match for you. Whatever your reason, you might be feeling a mix of relief and anxiety. What now? Just because you

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When you think about popularity, you often think of the cool kids with the attitudes and the exclusive cliques. But the kid who was voted prom king in high school may not be winning any popularity contests in college. That’s because college is a different world and your ability to co-exist with others will be