Should There Be More Women in IT? The number of women completing engineering and technology programs has greatly decreased in the last 30 years. Fewer girls decide to choose tech careers and prefer working in more “suitable” spheres for women. Therefore, women are underrepresented in the technology-related jobs. That doesn’t mean that women are not

Do citizens need to own guns? Guns are responsible for killing and destroying lives across America. Each day the hospitals are filled up with young men and women admitted with severe gunshot injuries. The situations vary from accidents, self-defense, to cruel assaults. Now guns are becoming a large concern of a society. How to stop

Should the death penalty be abolished? The execution of criminals has been used in almost all societies since the beginning of the recorded history. Before the introduction of more human ways of death penalty used today, punishments included burning, crushing, boiling to death, crucifixion, stoning, and slow slicing. The main aim of the death penalty