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Being ethical in writing means building trust with your readers. This trust enables them to believe that when they read something of yours, they are reading an original work and that any outside sources you use will be clearly referenced. But ethical writing goes beyond that and includes things like not exaggerating a claim or

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Knowing how to summarize something is a valuable skill in many writing assignments. However, a summary paragraph can be tricky to write as there is always a risk to include too little or too much information. If you are not completely sure how to prepare this important part of your writing piece, keep reading. Below

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A skit is a small show or performance that consists of little comedic scenes. To prepare a captivating skit, you have to think of the funny ideas. Determine the genre and length of your skit. Decide what you are attempting to do with your story. Do you wish to convey a message or just make

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A comparison essay is just what it sounds like: taking two things and comparing them to each other. This is a common type of essay assignment for college courses. A professor of a literature course could ask you to compare two Shakespearean plays. In this case you would be looking for common themes, tone, plot,

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  Making an outline for a speech is very similar to making an outline for a five paragraph essay. Most students have written way more five paragraph essays than they have written speeches, so it’s comforting to know you can apply a lot of the same techniques to speech-writing. Simply put, all speeches have an

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Interview essays are common assignments in high school and college. It involves you asking someone questions about a specific topic (usually chosen by your professor) and then writing down the interview in either question and answer or in a narrative form. This type of an essay usually involves you interviewing someone you know about something

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Whether it’s an English assignment or a requirement for a school or job application, writing an autobiography can be challenging. Picking out the high points of your whole life may feel daunting. If you’re stuck, or just looking to proceed in the most organized way, use these tips to write your story effectively. Start with

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Writing an introduction for any paper can be the most difficult part of the assignment. In fact, it’s a task that’s best saved for last. Web content writers often don’t create a home page until the rest of the site’s copy is in place. But eventually, you’ll have to write an introduction for your essay.

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Job interviews can seem like roller coasters. You’ve nailed several questions in a row … you’re climbing … and then suddenly, the interviewer says something that sends you straight downhill. Something like, “Tell me about yourself.” When you’re going 80 miles an hour and pulling Gs, it can be hard to answer quickly and capably.

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There’s a number of definitions of freewriting out there. Since they differ only in wording, we’ll go straight to the essence. Freewriting is a technique, when you fix everything that goes through your mind on the paper (or in a document on your computer) without thinking, analyzing or editing. Basically, it’s a documentation of the