Online learning is now more popular than ever before. And while there are even whole professions you can master online, like copywriting, coding or web-design, this article will tell you about eight uncliched skills that you can learn online in a week or even a day!

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Writing a thank you letter after a job interview is not a choice, it is a must if you really want to get a job. Many employers say that when it comes to making the final hiring decision, the smallest detail can be a turning point. They look at everything from your qualifications and how

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As graduation approaches, you may wonder how you paid thousands of dollars for an education and never learned any job interviewing skills. Well, you probably did. You’ve most likely taken a speech course in your college career. You can actually apply much of what you learned there to the interview process. Check out these public

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As graduation looms ever closer and the time to start perfecting your resume, getting headshots for your LinkedIn account and beginning the search for your first post-graduation job is upon you, you could probably use some advice. There are a lot of areas to consider as you explore today’s job market and begin shaping your

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If you’re about to graduate or have already graduated and are looking for your first job, there are several things to consider before signing on to a company. Your first job is a serious step in your life and can set the stage for your career. Don’t rush into a decision and risk ending up

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With the lean job market we have today, it may seem counterintuitive to decline a job interview, any job interview. Recent college grads may be extra eager to accept an interview in the hopes of landing a job. In fact, on the whole, it’s better to accept most interviews than to decline them. Even if

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If there’s one question that absolutely everyone dreads in a job interview, it’s the ‘what is your weakness’ question. There’s a million ways to answer this one, and none of them are the perfect, problem-free solution you’re looking for. Rather than looking for the perfect answer, look at the list below, choose one that applies