8 Uncliched Skills That You Can Learn Online

a girl is sitting in front of her laptop

Skills that a person masters through life are an important possession. They add value, bring more opportunities, and allow you to grow more as a professional and as a human. That’s why learning new skills is so crucial in our society as we live in the era of high competition in different professional fields, searching for our place under the sun.

Online learning is now more popular than ever before. And while there are even whole professions you can master online, like copywriting, coding or web-design, this article will tell you about eight uncliched skills that you can learn online in a week or even a day!

Identify Constellations

Have you ever been jealous of people who can look up to the starry sky and start pointing at various bright stars talking about the constellations, origins of their names and history? Do you want to know more about astronomy, galaxies, and space?

Well, now you can learn about the constellations and the ways to find them in the sky through online lectures (you can find plenty on YouTube) and various educational websites and study tools. It’s not hard at all, and soon you can be the one who your friends and family will be jealous of.

How to Knit a Hat or a Scarf

Yes, you can really learn the basics of knitting and create your first accessory, such as a hat or a scarf, in just a week. Just surf the Internet to find some basic tutorials and patterns that you like the most. A scarf is the simplest thing that you can knit, that’s why many beginners start with this very piece. You will also need some knitting needles and yarn, but the rest is just a matter of your time and effort.

How to Edit Videos

If you are interested in vlogging or just like to create videos for yourself, your friends, and family, you can learn basic video editing in just a week. YouTube is a great platform where you can find a tutorial for almost anything, including video editing classes.

There are various types of software used for video editing, depending on what your aim is and what device you are using. You can use your phone solely and still get great results when it comes to editing. By the way, video editing is a developing niche as many bloggers and companies require such service. So, you can not only have a great time learning this new skill but also earn decent money if you put more effort.

How to Draw Trees or Animals

Did you know that drawing is actually not about talent? It’s all about practice, so you can learn how to draw if you find a good tutorial. There are plenty of videos from different teachers with different techniques that you can watch and follow while drawing. What is your style, and what supplies do you like the most? Try them all – pencils, chalk, or paints.

How to Shuffle Cards Like a Pro

With an easy video tutorial, you can learn how to be a pro at shuffling the cards (and make a little show for your friends and family). You can also learn some basic card tricks if you like. All you need is a deck of cards and some time to practice.

How to Fold an Origami Figure

Origami folding might not be the skill you would brag about to your future employer; however, it’s also a pretty addicting hobby. Plenty of people around the world get involved with origami hobby every day, and you might be one of them. Paper is the only thing you need, and we are sure that you can find some at your home. It’s also one of the skills that you can learn online in just a day.

How to Understand Body Language

Of course, body language is a whole niche that is not that easy to master (especially not in a week). However, there are basics that you can learn through online lectures and various videos on YouTube that will definitely make it easier for you to understand people around you better. If you are into human behavior studies or psychology in general, you will enjoy this skill even more.

How to Do Yoyo Tricks

Yoyo is not just some toy from the past. Did you know that there are even yoyo contests held around the world? You can learn a few tricks right at home with the help of your computer (and a yoyo, of course). But be careful, this toy is definitely aiming at your nose.

Wrapping Up

The time that you spend online can be productive. Spend it learning something new or mastering your skills, and you will definitely thank yourself in the future. Hope that you liked our small list of the most uncliched but fun and useful skills that you can learn online in just a week or less. Good luck!