5 Tips for Freshmen on How to Adjust to Student Life

a guy is studying at the desk

If you are just starting at your college or university, you might feel a bit stressed about the change in your routine and the number of new faces in your life. It is overwhelming, indeed. However, we have a few tips for you on how to adjust to student life quickly and avoid freshman struggles.

#1. Be Prepared!

Your knowledge is your power. If you know a lot about your learning institution and various opportunities that it provides, you will feel much more confident. Get as much information as you can before your classes start. You should definitely research the following key points:

  1. Various majors that your learning institution offers (you never know if you’ll end up changing the one that you have chosen).
  2. Clubs, events, and meetings that you can attend.
  3. Possible on-campus vacancies.
  4. Local places where students hang out.

After you learn more about on-campus life, you will get a better understanding of what opportunities you have. You won’t need to wander campus aimlessly or sit in your dorm room without knowing what you should do and where everyone is going. The tempo of life in college or university might be very fast, so don’t fall behind!

#2.  Learn Some Basic Skills

There are a lot of things that college will teach you. However, if you enter college life with some skills and knowledge, it is much easier to adjust to student life quickly.

Necessary skills

Here are a few skills that you will need as a college student:

  1. Time management. This is the most useful skill that every student needs. You will have a pretty tight schedule that you should make work for your lifestyle. With all of the social events, classes, and probably a part-time job coming, you should learn how to plan your day.
  2. Budgeting. Living on a tight budget is no joke. You might learn how to plan your spending through trial and error (for example, living a whole month on ramen after spending most of your budget on a party), but there is another way. Learn how to plan your budget and save some money before you come to college. There are a lot of budgeting apps and lifehacks that you can find. Try them out!
  3. Taking care of yourself. Yes, not every person knows how to deal with sickness, messy rooms, or dirty clothes. However, mastering this skill is crucial not only for your college life but for your adult life as well.

Also, be sure to learn how to create a study plan, and don’t forget about social skills too.

#3. Communicate and Ask Questions

You really need to make an effort to befriend at least a few people from your learning institution (for example, one person in every class). It’s hard to describe how immensely easier the life of a student is when they have some friends at their school. When being away from home, it’s better to talk to someone than to just coping with stress on your own, trying to adjust to student life in college or university.

Don’t be afraid to approach people on campus. Ask them about classes, various events, or simply “How can I get to…?” because this is one of the quickest ways to make new friends. You can also look for people from your learning institution on social media if you feel a bit awkward.

However, you should communicate with your professors as well. Ask them about the things that you don’t understand, additional material, or any other questions. They will appreciate the fact that you care enough to approach them.

#4. Join Clubs

There are a lot of various clubs that you can find through the local forums or bulletin boards. Depending on what your goal is, you can either find a group to study together or to share a hobby or interest; for example, photography or sports.

This is a perfect way to meet new people, socialize, and feel less homesick. You can always turn to your academic advisor, who can provide you with some contact or organizational information regarding such clubs. Alternatively, just pay attention to such information during orientation activities or check your school’s website.

#5. Find Your Balance

A balance between different spheres of your life is always important, but finding it through your freshman year is crucial. There are a lot of students who have bad college experiences mainly due to being too hard on themselves, not leaving enough time to take care of their health or for their social lives.

Being studious is great for a person who wants to succeed in their studies, but it’s not enough for being happy. So, use your time management skills to plan your days and be able to ace your studies and still find time for communication, hobbies, and rest.

Find what works for you

Good sleep is what the majority of first-year students lack as there are too many things happening around. However, don’t sacrifice your health. Sleep well, eat healthy food and make time for yourself. That is a formula that will help you succeed and adjust to college or university life quickly and without struggling. Good luck!