The Basics of a Successful Online Learning Routine

a girl is sitting next to her laptop

If you noticed that your performance dropped a little (or even a lot) after switching to an online format, you are not alone. We all know that changes in our routine make us feel less comfortable and more stressed, so there is no surprise. If you would like to know how you can adjust your online learning routine to catch up a little and improve your grades, this article is just for you.

Attend All of Your Online Classes

The temptation of sleeping through your online classes in the morning is real; we all know that. When you don’t need to make much effort to attend something, it becomes less relevant to you.

However, attending your classes during the pandemic is as important as your ordinary college classes. Of course, every teacher and professor treats attendance differently, especially after switching to an online learning format. Some of them are strict and keep up with the names of students present. Others don’t really care as they find the knowledge you show through your written assignments and test more significant.

Though your professor might be cool with you missing the class, you should really attend each one of them anyway, because you do it for yourself, not for them. The material that professors give you during their lectures and online discussions is crucial for you, and the opportunity to clarify the things that you don’t understand while being on a conference call with your professor is even more important.

So, this is the main piece of advice that any online learner should stick to – attend as many classes as you can.

Take Notes

You might be used to taking notes in your class, but does it feel a little bit off when it comes to online classes? Put that feeling aside and take your notes during all the conference calls. Notes help you not only freshen up your memory after the class is already over but also make your knowledge more structured when you are taking them.

Pick up the note-taking method that you find the most effective for you. Some students prefer making diagrams, charts, and even little sketches, while others find it easier to memorize information by writing down bullet points and short quotes.

You can also pick the format that suits your needs the best. Use your notebook, various online tools, or just your computer to take notes on the material presented during the online class.

Organize Your Space

Your environment is crucial for a successful online learning routine. Having too many things going on around you won’t help your concentration.

So, start with cleaning your room and organizing a workplace with all the materials and tools that you need for studying. It might be a separate table with a comfortable chair or even a corner of your dinner table if there is no other option. Remember that studying with a laptop in your bed is not a good idea, though many students prefer doing so. The comfort of your bed makes you too relaxed, and it becomes harder for you to focus on your studies. It’s best to do your homework outside of your room, if possible.

Make sure to organize your materials and sources that you have on your computer and in the paper form – this way, you will be prepared for the classes and won’t spend time searching for the needed file.

Create a Schedule

Having a schedule or a plan on hands is crucial when you have many classes and deadlines to manage. Make sure to put every test and due date into your calendar. It might be a wall calendar or an app on your phone – choose the option that is the most helpful for you.

Look through your schedule every now and then to keep up with the tasks that you need to complete. Plan your day accordingly to the time of your classes and study sessions, starting with the most complicated tasks that you need to be focused on the most.

If your online classes aren’t conference calls and don’t have set times, assign each class with specific days and time, and work on that class at the scheduled times. This will help keep you on track and give your day more structure.

Improve Your Online Learning Routine

Online learning is a challenge, but you can overcome all the obstacles in your way if you are motivated and organized. Keep a positive approach, and make sure to turn to our team if you need some assistance with your studies. With our help, you don’t need to worry about your deadlines.