Science-Based Ways to Get Motivated

Posted by Pat Delorean

get motivated

Motivation is difficult to underrate. It is a crucial component of succeeding in a great number of vital affairs: from attending gym regularly to finishing that research project on time. In case your motivation levels are actually low at the moment, you’ve reached the right place. We’ve collected a set of tips to help you out. No old wives tale. Only scientifically-proven ways to be a true achiever.

Get a Partner

Your probably have at least one friend, who shares your goals and aspirations. Why not make the use of this fact? Especially, taking the positive impact of such an alliance into consideration. Forming a partnership, where both of you are concentrated on the same purpose and willing to support each other is a great thing. Plus, no one wants other people to see their failure. That sounds like a pretty powerful motivator, doesn’t it?


Role-models often shape our personalities. We copy their manners, style and even life choices. The same principle works when you need a fresh boost of motivation. Find a focused person in a study hall, library or in an office and sit not far from them (you know, to avoid looking creepy). Their concentration is very likely to be infectious. You won’t be comfortable fiddling with your phone or taking a nap around them, will you? Be a copycat. That will help you cope with the task you’re working on.

Set the Final Point

Nothing is more frustrating than an endless task. Deadlines, though terrifying at times, are truly stimulating. Luckily, there’s a way to make them both helpful an motivating. Divide your projects or long-term goals into smaller, more manageable intervals. This way the tasks will be much easier to digest. Plus, you’ll get the positive emotions, that will give you the fuel to move on, with every little accomplishment.

Start with a Boring Stuff

Most of the goals require routine, boring tasks to be done. Quite often they are the most important components of success. To make sure you actually deal with these, don’t postpone them till the evening. The decision fatigue, that comes at the end of a working day, may result in failing to face the challenge of boring duties. Do them first thing in the morning and leave the good stuff for dessert.

Empower Yourself

Your willpower has limits. The good news is that you’re the one to set them. The research has proven, that believing in your being capable of achieving your goals increases your chances to actually do so. This might sound magical to a certain extent, however, the approach still requires some work: you’ve got to actually convince yourself you’re powerful enough to make things happen. It might be the toughest part at times. When it’s done – all the rest is a much less of a problem.

You Will. Or Will You?

Positive affirmations work as long as you believe in them. In case you don’t quite believe in a result of endless repeating of the same phrases – here’s a good one for you. Question an entire opportunity. Instead of telling yourself: “I will read the chapter of that book tonight”, ask: “Will I actually do that?”. Estimate the consequences of not doing that. If the final goal really matters to you – you won’t have to repeat the questions.


Hitting the gym before a long day at work or university has a great positive impact. First, you feel better. Second, concentration is much easier to achieve. Third, it facilitates decision-making process. You’ll feel less stressed and more confident because of the release of testosterone that comes after a good effective workout. Go for it. You’ll love the results.

Measure Your Progress

and reward yourself. Accomplishing the results you aim for may take a while. Assigning yourself with measurable tasks facilitates tracking the progress. Let’s say, you’re writing a research paper. Focus on a page and nothing else for about an hour. Work to get it done. Once it’s finished – praise yourself with a nice, healthy and delicious snack, and write down a point in your “Done” list. The feeling is worth it. Plus, it will give you the surge of energy, necessary to push through the whole thing.

Motivation may be quite a whimsical lady. Use our tips to make her stay with you forever.

image credit: www.flickr.com