How to Be More Likeable In College

Posted by Pat Delorean

how to be more likeable

When you think about popularity, you often think of the cool kids with the attitudes and the exclusive cliques. But the kid who was voted prom king in high school may not be winning any popularity contests in college. That’s because college is a different world and your ability to co-exist with others will be a big factor in your likeability. In fact, being liked often has a lot more to do with kindness than with coolness.

Here on some tips on how to be well-liked on campus:

Don’t blast your music all night

You might think this is the best way to get people to like you. But showing off your taste in music (which not everybody shares) and hosting parties while other students are trying to sleep or study is one of the fastest ways to get blacklisted. The group that flocks to you for this behavior may be flunking out by next semester anyway. So show some consideration and keep the noise levels down so the people around you can get their Zzz’s.

Clean up after yourself in communal areas

If you’re sharing a shower/room/house/kitchen or all of the above with other students, don’t be the person who leaves a huge mess behind for others to clean up. Think how you would feel if your roommates left piles of dirty dishes in the sink or never removed their hair from the drain. Be courteous the people you’re sharing space with.

Be kind

Performing random acts of kindness such as bringing chicken soup to a sick classmate or giving flowers to a classmate who just received word their family dog died is a way to spread positivity and friendship. It shows compassion and camaraderie. People will be more likely to remember your generous act when you need someone to lend you a helping hand.

Be polite

Who doesn’t like people who are polite? It’s so rare these days that doing any of the following acts should help boost your ratings across campus:

  • Hold doors for people
  • Offer to get your study group members some coffee
  • Offer your chair to another classmate who’s standing
  • Greet everyone when you meet them and say goodbye to everyone when you leave
  • Smile, wave, acknowledge and share

Be yourself

Though being kind and polite are wonderful traits, don’t forget to be yourself too. People can see right through when you’re being fake so if it’s in your nature to be sarcastic or you have a dark sense of humor or like to play goofy practical jokes, then let that side of you shine. You don’t want to have to carry on a fake personality just to get people to like you. On the contrary, people should also like you for who you are.

Listen to others

Being a good listener is a great skill that will serve you throughout your life. Some people are naturally good at this while others have to work at it a bit. If you’re in the latter category, here are a couple tips:

  • Don’t interrupt people before they’re finished talking, even if it’s to agree with them by sharing a similar story of your own. Let them finish, then share your story.
  • Don’t think about what you’re going to say while the other person is talking. Be present with them and pay attention without thinking about how you’re going to respond.
  • Show that you’re listening by nodding, smiling and saying “Yes”, “Sure”, “Right”, “Of course” and other affirming words.

Share your talents

If you’re a great guitar player or singer or cook or painter or you know how to solve anyone’s computer woes, then by all means, share these things with your classmates. Allowing others to enjoy your talents is a gift you’re giving to them. It also helps people get to know you better- what your hobbies and passions are.

These tips will help gain you the respect and likeability you’re seeking on campus.

image credit: flickr.com