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It’s not that time of the year: Halloween has come and gone, and, seemingly, so has everyone’s appetite for horror movies. These days, the end of October basically means start of Christmas in everyone’s minds, but if you want to hold off on the ho-ho-ho’s and keep the blood flowing, there are some seasonal Thanksgiving-themed

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The key to successful and stress-free college life, contrary to what you might have been told, is working smart, not hard. Now, implementing all the tools on this list all at the same time is not what’s going to turn you into a highly productive student. It will take some self-determination and time to figure

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Listening skills are an enormous factor in communication. On average, humans spend 45% of their time listening versus only 16% reading. Possessing good listening skills can help improve personal and professional relationships as well as promote trust and confidence. Some people seem to have been born great listeners, but listening skills can also be honed.

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Merriam-Webster defines “satire” as “a way of using humor to show that something is foolish, weak, bad, etc.” Many stand-up comedians are masters at delivering criticism through jokes. However, satire is not always laugh-out-loud funny; it can be quite subtle. Movies, TV shows, songs, comics, and books can all be satirical. Writing a satire essay

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Check out the infographic below and pick one of the hobbies. Start playing a guitar and your cognitive skills will improve, learn a few phrases in German and you’ll get better at planning and task management. You will see that having fun CAN make you smarter!

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It’s time to take a break from your studies and attend the hottest Halloween party on campus. But you’ll surely want to be wearing the hottest costume! Coming up with original ideas can be challenging, but rewarding. Still wondering what to wear for Halloween? Here are seven scary fashions for men and women. Petrifying Politicians

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It’s nearing October 31, and ghouls and witches will be distracting you from your studies. Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, so you don’t have to feel a bit frightened about stepping away from the books. Participate in—or host—a party or haunted house, and enjoy the break. Try one of these Halloween cakes ideas

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Everybody has a personal learning style that works best for them. Many people use different styles according to the subject matter or the circumstances. You just have to find which one or ones work for your brain and senses. Find out more about learning styles here, and watch your comprehension and retention improve considerably. Verbal

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If you are like most students, studying is certainly not something that is at the top of your list of things you love doing. We totally get it! Spending hours staring at books in a vain attempt to memorize all of the facts and figures that you are going to need to pass your exams

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If you’re anything like the typical student, you don’t always know how to concentrate on studying. With so many distractions all around us – even within the very device that we use for studying – it’s a wonder any studying gets done at all. Sometimes the textbook will be almost impenetrably dull, and you’ll find