Easy Time Management Tips

Posted by Pat Delorean
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Every student knows that time runs fast when it comes to deadlines for college assignments. Not all students are great at time-management, though. If you are one of those students who constantly struggle with time management, you might need to turn to a professional team of writers and also learn about easy tips on how you can effectively plan your day. Let’s get started!

List Your Tasks

It’s easy to forget about that biology assignment and the deadline that you need to meet if you don’t have it right in front of you. The first thing that you need to do if you want to become more confident in time-management is to create a habit of listing all the tasks that you need to complete.

The order of these tasks doesn’t really matter at this step; just write everything down. And don’t forget that a doctor’s appointment and movie-evening with your friends should also be on your list. Anything that you need to complete or attend should be put on paper, so you don’t forget about it.

Break Big Tasks into Smaller Ones

Such a big task, like writing a dissertation, will definitely require more than one evening of your time to complete. That’s why in order to correctly plan your time, you need to break bigger tasks into smaller ones, so you will better understand how much time you will need to actually complete them.

You will also feel much better if you know where you need to start and what exact steps you need to take. So, this technique will not only make it easier for you to plan ahead but also feel more confident when starting working on a bigger project.


There are definitely some assignments that are more important or urgent than others. Look at your list of the tasks and break them into categories:

  1. Need to do ASAP
  2. Might put aside for a while
  3. Things that I enjoy doing 
  4. Might not ever complete

You will get a better understanding of what you should start with. Set the time for the most crucial and urgent things in your calendar first, then you can fill in the gaps with the tasks that aren’t as urgent, adding a bit of things that you enjoy doing like once or twice per week – like going out with your friends, attending a party or visiting some exhibition – so that you don’t feel very stressed and can spend some quality time giving your brain some rest. You should consider how much spare time you end up with and create a perfect weekly schedule where both your social life and study life are balanced.

There is also a category of tasks that you might never complete – such as assignments with missed deadlines or tasks that you just can’t find the time for. You just need to let this go, as concentrating on important tasks is much better than trying to do all the things at once.

 Use Planning Apps

Planning apps are great for students who really need a little assistance with their time management. There are a lot of various apps and some might be a better fit for your need – it all depends on your preference. However, the principle of their work is usually the same.

You create a calendar where you put all your deadlines and activities that you need to schedule. You will get notifications when a deadline comes closer, and you also can set a convenient schedule for the day, week, and month. 

Why use an app? Many students say that having such an app boosts their productivity and helps them fight procrastination. Also, having a daily schedule and to-do list right in your pocket is simply handy for everyone who needs to track a lot of various deadlines and classes to attend. Take advantage of modern technology.

These were the best and easiest time-management tips that will help any student plan their time more effectively. We hope that you find these tips useful!