9 Bizarre Pre-Exam Rituals to Get That “A”

Posted by Pat Delorean

pre exam rituals

When exams are approaching, there are no bad methods to help you perform well. Reading your notes again and again is certainly good. But when the result is needed desperately, people tend to be really creative. Having analyzed students’ forums (like The Student Room and College Confidential) we’ve gathered weird and cool pre-exam rituals. If you haven’t tried them all yet – do so! Who said adding some charm into your exam preparation is bad?

Outfit Magic

The group of clothes-related superstitions is divided into three categories. First one unites people, who stick to the clothes they were dressed in, studying at home. If you were cramming the material in pajamas, that’s what you have to wear for your exams. Those with stylish lounge wear are probably winners here.

Then go the people, with “lucky” wardrobe items. It might be a washed-out hoody, a t-shirt with a freaky print or a tuxedo suit. Jewelry also falls under this category: charmed earrings, necklaces and watches work just as well.

There’s another gang: fancy ones. These guys feel, that the boost of confidence comes with nice clothes and neat hairstyle. Plus, it is believed, that this look plays role in increasing productivity.


This one is huge. A lot of people won’t even enter an exam hall without their favorite pen, pencil or eraser. That’s why it’s necessary to make sure they have all of this items handy the night before: you don’t want to run around your place, looking for that priceless calculator, do you? Even better, if there is at least a couple of each: running out of ink comes at too high stakes. Bringing dozens of pens and pencils and a couple of calculators seems weird? Not if you’re one of the stationery maniacs!

Finding Your Tune

Music helps people in different situations. People don’t hesitate to use its power, when the exam is approaching. Some prefer walking circles round the house, listening to classics to clear their minds. Some turn up the “Eye of the Tiger” to feel pumped and energetic. An interesting approach is to choose a band for each subject. What about “Iron Maiden” for a History test? Or Bob Dylan before that English Essay? Or “Chemical Brothers” before Chemistry exam? The right tune sets the mood and helps you perform great!

Getting Physical

Pre-exam anxiety drives people crazy. That’s why doing a couple of intense physical exercises has proven to be so effective: it directs the adrenaline into the right trail, makes blood pump faster and oxygen come to your brain more efficiently. Preferences differ: jumping jacks, push-ups or squats have tended to be the most popular options. So, next time you see people working out around the college building – don’t get too surprised. And consider jumping in!

Vow of Silence

Meeting fellow students before exam goes along with frantic quizzing each other and getting your head stuffed with information, that pushes out everything you managed to fit in before. That’s why some people choose not to say a word and not to answer any questions right until the exam is over. Does it look strange? Maybe. But who cares if it works?

Goodies for Foodies

When it comes to pre-exam food, tastes truly differ. However, there are some patterns, people follow for some reason. Bananas and sneakers bars usually give the boost students’ brain needs. There are also some interesting water-drinking rituals, that somehow influence performance. One recipe for success is to take a bottle of Evian and drink it up to the half of top curve before entering the exam hall. Feel like trying?

Keep the Barber Away

Weirdly, your hair appears to be a container of knowledge you need to pass the finals. Some people believe, that not washing your head will help you pass the tests with flying colors. Others don’t cut their hair until they get that “A”. The last hair-related practice is related to guys only: they don’t shave their beards. A way to enhance performance or an excuse to maintain the hipster look? No one knows. But does it really matter?

You Are the Hero

Two words: power posing. People turn into Supermen and Wonder Women, by taking a certain standing position. Why would you care about not passing, if the only thing that could hurt you is Kryptonite, right?

Another awesome ritual originates from AnalystForum. Apparently, the guy pretended to be a Terminator: having taken a shower in a fetal position, he stood up, and followed the plan, created by a powerful computer that substituted human brain, the final point being getting the maximum score for the test. Plus clarity, minus emotional distraction. Profit? We believe so.

Out Loud

Revision is good for you, right? That’s why people claim to work around their college building reciting their notes. Loudly. Preferably, early in the morning before the exam. Sounds odd? Try thinking this way: that’s not just the act of refreshing information in your head, that’s also sharing the knowledge with people around you. What’s not to like?

That’s it with the bizarre stuff. Choose whatever pleases you, and don’t forget about good old methods: thoughtful revision, good night’s sleep and having healthy snacks.